Steel hydraulics
Steel hydraulics

Our task is to protect human life and utilise the power of water

Special solutions through special know-how



Hydraulics cylinders are used in steel hydraulics primarily to open and close modern dams, weir systems, and sluices.
The cylinders play an important role in the operations necessary for




  • active flood protection,



  • water regulation,


  • water level adjustment (ensuring waterway navigability)


  • input and output adjustment in hydroelectric power stations and



  • speed regulation of water turbines.


Often the cylinders used in these systems are very long and require customised construction solutions, such as the integration of path measurement systems, optimal control of large drives, or the integration of valve and measurement technology. To accommodate the different requirements, our hydraulic cylinders are customised to the customer's needs.


Quality is top priority


We offer the usual electroplated and newly developed sprayed coatings as piston coatings, which ensures the reliability of our cylinders. Because of the proximity to water, we also make sure our products are environmentally friendly.

The demands placed on these hydraulic cylinders are very high, particularly because they are often required to meet a life-span of 30 years. But hydraulics cylinders must meet other requirements as well, including weight optimisation and low maintenance operation.