Hydroelectric power station
Hydroelectric power station

Optimal use of power

HYDROSAAR delivers a variety of hydraulic cylinders for hydroelectric power stations, ranging from hydraulic cylinders for weirs, to cylinders for opening and closing dam gates and sluices, and hydraulic cylinders for positioning the guiding apparatus of a turbine.

Servo motors

Every servo motor is equipped with a measurement device that determines the current position of the motor. Our hydraulic cylinders help make it possible to safely generate energy with servo motors. These motors can regulate the water flow to the turbines. In order to withstand heavy loads, the motors and their fittings must be extremely robust.


Control system for a francis turbine




Throttle valves


Control of throttle valves in a pump accumulator plant


The throttle valves in redundant design are used for the safe closing of the pressure line

In the pump accumulator plant. The pressure line connects the upper basin with the

pump turbines and supply them with water.

The openings are opened by the plunger cylinders. A hydraulic power unit with a piston accumulator station supplies the cylinder with the required pressure.

The pressure required for closing is produced by the counterweights at the openings.

The cylinders softly go into the end position IAW the closing rate.


Throttle valve