Go, economy, go

Oil and gas are two of the most important energy sources today and substantially contribute to global economic growth. Our products support oil and gas production and the global economy.

A tough job on the high seas

The severe conditions in the offshore sector place a great demand on the drive and control systems on drilling platforms. We work directly with each customer to ensure their needs are met. And we ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved, while our special coatings ensure durability and a long life-span. Our coatings including electroplated, sprayed and welded coatings.

HYDROSAAR - a safety ring

Underwater materials acquisitions presents special challenges. The drilling platforms used to drill for and transport the materials must be fixed to the ground or floating. This means they are constantly subjected to the movements of the ocean, and must compensate for these movements. Our products are immensely helpful in meeting these challenges. In addition, our special coatings ensure additional protection against corrosion, which helps maintain ongoing functionality in salt water.
But for HYDROSAAR, the most important consideration is human safety, which makes us the perfect partner for your needs.