Iron and steel industry
Iron and steel industry

You can count on HYDROSAAR - We can deal with the pressure

Steel is a metal alloy created by the joining of iron and carbon. During manufacturing, certain materials are removed from the iron through a melting process. This procedure is used to produce over 2300 types of steel.

As part of this manufacturing process, the iron and steel industry requires machinery that can withstand high heat and pressure. Our hydraulic cylinders can meet these requirements, and operate with high precision.

Safety is a key priority

Malfunctions in this sector can cause injury and death. Our products ensure safety through their high durability (heat resistant and pressure resistant), while also implementing compact and innovative solutions for individual needs.

Keeping our cool

Our product line meets the challenges of this field and provides innovative solutions in the areas of continuous casting cylinders, roller cylinders, and hole-punch cylinders. Depending on the surrounding conditions, our hydraulics cylinders are equipped with special coatings, and can be certified to meet any existing norms.